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When I left school, I joined the Royal Air Force where I spent some twenty-four years, whilst I was trained as an engineer, spent a lot of my service as an instructor, which also included course design.

When I retired, qualified as a commercial consultant, continuing to be involved in training and development, as well as designing courses.

Despite suffering a baby stroke a number of years ago, it has not stopped me helping people as I continue to work as a volunteer for a major charity always liking to help others where I can.

Like a lot of people who have tried to make a living online, I have not only failed but spent a great deal of money in doing so, however I refused to give up.

My interest grew so launched a couple of web sites on topics that I was passionate about, forming a Limited Company, ESA Enterprises Ltd, to enable my websites to be all under one banner.

Recently I had some experiences with regard to helping people with depression, delving deeper in to the subject, became aware of the link with anxiety, also stress.

This was kicked of a few months ago when a friend of mine confided that her fifteen year old daughter had been both groomed and raped. Aware that I had some material on depression I was able to put together a small booklet on depression which I gave to my friend.

She later told me how much it had helped them all. Recently a very good friend of mine also confided that she too had a problem.

The more that I thought about it, I realized that I should do something more about the suffering caused by depression and anxiety, then hopefully help people with this very emotive subject, hence the launching of this website.

As the website evolves I hope to include reviews on books and other items, which I hope will help you understand, and if needed overcome both Depression and Anxiety

Before you think does he really know what he is talking about, the answer is a resounding YES. My story can be found in my first blog.

Try to stay calm and peaceful.


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